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A Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children in 4 Effective Steps
A Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children in 4 Effective Steps
December 20, 2019
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Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped popularise emotional identifies the key elements as self awareness, self- regulation, Motivation, empathy and social skills. Though Preschoolers vary in shape and size but at the age of four they have something's which are typically common to each other. It goes without saying that the parent needs to work in tandem with the educator at the Preschool ,for the best results.

Preschoolers Development: Being an explorer at this age the child needs to express his emotions. This gets outlet by way of noises ,talking, gestures, enacting and mimicry besides creating things by colouring and paper and child safe scissors.

As the child seeks companionship he has a tendency to ape his peers in order to win over friends. The child is also capable of creating imaginary friends through stories and fantasies ; and these form an important part of his life. He has already started getting disciplined and have a tendency to make their companions happy as they seek to get bonded.The child has inculcated the value of good and bad and are ready to say sorry when they make mistake or hurt someone around them. The willingness to follow rules at home and Preschool becomes automatic. Childlike nature like addressing the demand persists as a priority yet the child learns to cooperate with friends at the preschool and starts getting control over tantrums. Though the preschooler has chid like habits but it is the beginning of journey to the formal school. Parents personal interest and accompanying the child to the Preschool makes the child confident thereby reducing his anxiety levels.

Playing and learning: As we know that the best learning takes place through performance . Play and play fullness makes learning easy for the childSo the best way to pick up numbers and sounds are in a playing sequences.we can use charts ,writing in sand or sand blocks enable them to grasp better as they drill them.the development of motor and kinaesthetic skills instil confidence and stability in the emotional development of the Preschooler at the age of 4 years. Singing ,dancing and and enacting form an integral part of learning .the make belief stories and enacting them leads them to discriminate between the real and the fantasy world. Though the gender roles are predominant yet sometimes the like to change roles for the heroes of their lives. Being curious about the opposite gender is a natural phenomena at this age. The are intimidated by the variation of the private parts of the opposite gender. This is refereed as the early childhood behaviour Children at the Preschool are also are trained about the good touch and bad touch thereby building awareness among the Preschooler.

THINKING: The child is acquainted with the vocabulary like the names of sun,moon,stars,sky,pets, animals, plants, parts of body, colours, letters, numbers and reverse order.

TALKING: As the child at the age needs to talk so the Preschooler can be made to sit in a pair with this companion. They can build stories or learn to make requests thereby developing manners at an early age. The child enjoys to sing rhymes. And his curiosity will lead him to asking questions constantly.The more he asks the more he will develop and become confident. The child is constantly wanting to know the meaning of new vocabulary andtherefore has more than 100 words. This enables the child at 4 to be able to form 5 to 6 words sentences.

DAILY LIFE: The child needs a little supervision with dressing, brushing teeth, going to toilet , wearing shoes and socks, bathing, combing.


The movements that the Preschooler likes are the ones which leads to their active participation like walking down the steps while holding the banister,playing with the ball, kicking and jumping, hopping, running, skipping, running and balancing on one foot. This leads to Gross Motor Skills like Jumping backwards , bungee jumping and jumping while running. Fine motor skills are developed by cutting with child safe scissors. Confidence is built in child as he can say his name, his address, his contact number besides being fully aware of left and right. Thereby making him aware of direction.

Reading with a Preschooler: Telling stories singing songs and rhymes encourage the child to think and this leads to development of child at the age of 4 years. While playing when the Preschoolers a word of praise for them develops the quality of sharing. The Preschool years add a lot of fun to learning even in later years.In this background the first important is as under

1. EMPATHY: We need to empathise with our child, in order to acknowledge his perspectives. Even if you cannot do anything about what upsets your child you must empathise with the child facing a problem situation.So that the child recognises his emotions.

2. EXPRESSION: This is one of the important feelings of the child at the age of 4 years. Since the child at this age cannot identify the difference between the emotion and them selves we must allow them to express themselves and lend a ear appearing to be very concerned. By expression they can give expression to their feelings.We must talk to child about your emotions.

3. IMPORTANT TO LISTEN: It is important to listen to encourage the child problem solving in order to make him independent and confident. It is important to understand the mood and feelings.

4. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MOODS AND BEHAVIOUR: When a child goes out he should be able to differentiate between different behaviours. Thus developing the social skills of the child.

In the development of the Emotional brain the preschoolers move to actions through emotion, with an aim to protect and to teach what they have learnt. It is this sapling that flowers into command. Ass every conclusion we make is remembered in terms of emotional intensity and nuances.

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