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How Does Preschool Benefit A Child?
How Does Preschool Benefit A Child?
December 12, 2019
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Preschool has a comprehensive research based curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning to enable the child to develop creativity and learning. Research has proven that the brain forms as many as 700 neural connections per second before the age of 5. As the development of child is vital for his growth and wellbeing. It is the duty of each parent to ensure that the child is provided the right kind of exposure by providing a Preschool environment.

Who can do a better hand holding than an educator at the preschool where in the child enjoys the care and comfort like that was given by the parents. The settings which are merely learner based. When the preschoolers go to the stop being the audience these children become the players in the school. As they are comfortable they therefore can freely interact with their peer group. They tend to learn much more from their peers as they tend to spend much more time interacting with other kids. This enhances learning quickly and clearly; since learning by doing is permanently by the Psycho-motor and affective domains and form an integral part to their lives. Preschool is an opportunity for kids to be in structured setting which helps in the child growth. If the parents have done their home work well then the transition of child from a caterpillar to a butterfly is certain easily.

This hand holding by educators will enable the child to develop confidence and faith in the environment in addition to his home.

Attention Span: The Preschool develops the ability in a child to sit and listen for more than a few minutes. This is very important prerequisite for formal education, therefore a strong foundation is laid in early years of learning. It is very important for students to listen and hear in order to comprehend instruction, explanations leading to communication.

Early Reading Skills: According to Ken Grizzle of the University of Wisconsin. 'A child's ability in kindergarten is to be able to recognize that the words they hear are made up of sounds and those sounds can be manipulated to create different words, creates an important role in word reading.' Though even early writing skills scribbling may look like only fun game. But actually it is the beginning of writing.

Pre Mathematical Skills: It is with number recognition by cards sand paper activities goes a long way to develop interest in mathematics. This can also be developed by rhymes.

Problem Solving: It is with the use of educational toys and activities include games and puzzles, as these are perfect tool for teaching and problem solving. Thus arousing the curiosity of the child.

Communication Skills: These are developed so that it becomes easy for the child to ask questions, express feeling verbally and non-verbally. This interaction leads to real learning.

Social Skills: This thrive in preschool environment and are important in the growing years of a child.

Fine Motor Skills: It works with things like paper scissors, colours, pebbles, balls help the preschooler to develop motor skills. A walk on the sensory path and playing and playing with pebbles is important for the kin-aesthetic touch.

Teaching of good touch and bad touch training bring awareness among the Preschoolers.When we weigh the pros and cons of the preschools we notice that they receive consistent structure and routine more than one on care at home received by them. This inspires love in early childhood. Besides the time spent in the Preschools is safe and highly supervised. They also provide exploration space for children to develop self- confidence and they get to know themselves better.

We are ushering a new generation of global citizens with cultural awareness and they will be prepared to thrive. We therefore need to nurture the child with a sense of humanism and teaching them the need and priority to be happy and health and the emotional needs of the child are well taken care off.In the Preschool children get appreciated for performance and are not given expensive gifts as is the case back home. this inculcates good values in the child and does not make him materialist. It is a paradigm shift when the child is thrilled by a cheer or a star on his hand back home. Isn’t this phenomenal that we create happy citizens without greed and malice but full of healthy competition.

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